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1.0:  What exactly are beer tanks? Do they have variants?

1.1: Types

1.1.2: Pros and cons

2.0: How does a Beer Tank operate, and what are its uses?

3.0: Is there market competition in China?

4.0: What about market competition outside the boundaries of China?

5.0: What is the envisioned growth rate for the industry at hand?

6.0: Conclusion

1.0: What exactly are beer tanks? Do they have variants?

You walk into a departmental store to an expansive beer tank display. What is the purpose of those stainless-steel beer tanks? Which is the most integral part when it comes to beer production? Is it the right amount of pressure? Safety from unwanted external variables? Giving the right time? Or the right recipe, perhaps?

Well, time duration may vary with the recipe you are going with, but the containers and brewing tank used for the process matter a lot in beer production. Those containers are rightfully called beer tanks. Suppose beer (or any other alcoholic beverage – carbonated or not) will not have a properly designed vessel for its fabrication. Would you be able to get the quality you are expecting or that you wanted? A beer tank display is the best way of determining whether the product is of subpar quality or not.

We think not! Thus, to boost your beer/ alcohol production, you should be well acquainted with the different shapes and sizes and their pros and cons of the working of a beer tank. Fear not, for we will go into the depths of a beer tank in this article.

1.1: Types:

Beer tanks have various types based on its shape, sizes and the function or functions it combines. Let us dive a little deeper. There are different stages of beer production: fermentation, maturation, storage, bottling, etc. Now, the producer can either work the whole process with a single brewing tank having the functionalities and perks of every stage; or opt for different types of beer tanks for each level. The prominent two tanks in this regard are the uni tanks and bright beer tanks. What is the difference between them? What cons does one have over the other? Let’s find out:

Unitank in appearance is a combination of a cylinder at the top and a cone at the bottom. Now, what exactly is the purpose of this cone? This cone provides leverage in filtering out the yeast when, after fermentation, the product has to be chilled and carbonated; because the yeast filters out in the cone from the solution and can also be reused afterward!

Unitanks provide a simple and easy-to-manage solution from the making to the packaging of the final product. Why? Fermentation, chilling, carbonation -all can be accomplished in the same tank. The beer is then packed, bottled, and canned directly from the same unitank. In the case of serving beer tanks for parties or bars, beer can be directly poured into the beer stein. No other vessel is necessary, and all the work is accomplished in a single beer tank.

Bright beer tanks (BBT) are also cylindrical but have a flat bottom. They have the same functionality except that they cannot hold/store the beverage. Once fermented, the final product has to be transferred through a junction point to the packaging line.

1.1.2: Pros and cons:

The pros of unit banks include that it requires very little man-handling; there’s no need to transfer the beer or use another tank, and last but not least, it has a shallow risk of contamination by microorganisms or oxygen. However, it is not preferred for large production on a commercial level. On the other hand, bright beer tanks are handy for large displays, as commonly breweries on a large scale have distinct departments for the preparation and packaging of the beer. Thus, that staging point on the beer bright tank comes in handy in this regard. It is especially advantageous to the breweries functioning at their maximum capacity. Therefore, they can plan a separate day for the production (preparation, cellaring, etc.), fermentation, chilling, carbonating; and specify the next day to clean and refill the brewing tank.

Aside from all this, the shapes of both the tanks have no real benefit, as a unitank can also be used as a bright beer tank. The critical difference lies in the contents and the maximum pressure at which a tank can safely operate. In this scenario, bright beer tanks have the upper hand over unitanks.

This has to be kept in mind that beer tanks can be customized according to the customer’s desire and requirement. For instance, the consumer may demand a non-pressure brewing tank or a simple maturation tank; or separate beer tanks for the beer’s primary and secondary fermentation process.

2.0: How Does a beer tank operate, and what are its uses?

A beer tank is used to prepare the beer for fermentation, followed by chilling and carbonating. The primary fermentation procedure involves a specific set temperature for the yeast to perform the bacterial activity. According to the recipe, the secondary fermentation part, also known as the maturation part, involves further fermentation of the solution under a specific pressure (temperature).

As also discussed above, Beer tanks can be used for fermentation and storage purposes (e.g. Cylindrical Conical Tanks and Bright Beer tanks). Similarly, serving beer tanks are used in parties, restaurants, pubs, and bars. Now, beer tanks for party purposes come in mini sizes, making handling easier in homes and intimate gatherings. Serving beer tanks have valves for safe and often pressured ejection of the liquid.

3.0: Is there market competition in China?

If you are a business in the boundaries of China and search for a reasonable and trustworthy supplier of beer tank and their pieces of equipment, the following companies can help you in your research:


 Some companies supply and manufacture beer tanks, but what if you do not require a whole tank? If you need essential stainless steel tank equipment in China, that too of fine high-end engineering technology, stop looking any further. INOXCN is the place you have been searching for! They have a valuable experience of 15 years in this business.

Be it easier and directly fitting carbonating stones for bright beer tanks, stainless steel tank manways, hygienic tank safety unit, side entry agitator, anti-vacuum valve B-type or hand gas sterile sampling valve -they manufacture and specialize in these and more beer tankard equipment. They cater to both foreign and local orders. More detailed information can be viewed on their website:


It is another prominent and trustworthy company that manufactures and supplies beer tank products. They specialize in valve and cleaning technologies. Jhenten has been operation since 1986. Since its time, it has been successful and has been leading in the beer tank tops and the beer tankard industry in general.


Zhongde has been operating in the beer tank industry since 1996 and has 200 waste disposal projects. The renowned company at hand has over 372 employees working under it. Beer tanks are gradually becoming popular across the globe, and the abovementioned company too is leading in manufacturing it.

However, you should bear under consideration that these are not the only companies dealing in the beer tankard industry. There are many more too.

4.0: What about market competition outside the boundaries of China?

Whether in China or abroad, beer tanks are supplied worldwide with a lot of competition between various competitors. It helps maintain a reasonable price with the maximum possible product quality. Following are some international manufacturers, exporters, and suppliers of beer tanks and their related equipment:

1)CZECH Brewery System ltd. :

They have been serving breweries and other alcoholic beverage companies since 2012. If you hunt for customized food stainless steel beer tanks either for production, storage, or isobaric bottling of beer, then this is a stop you should check out.

They pride themselves in following the strict European standards for pressure vessels and molding their production concerning the standards of other countries (TÜV, GHOST, GUM, etc.) on consumer demand. So, if you are a brewery based in China, you need not worry about the standards.


They take pride in its 2-century long history in the brewery industry and its knack for having an innovative approach to its equipment, including beer tanks. Based in Germany, they have worked with names like Kirin, Paulaner, Singha, and Braunton. Their projects, at times not only limited to beer tanks, can be viewed on their site.


The said company specifically masters in custom-designed BBT storage tanks and CCT fermentation and every kind of tank that a brewery requires, irrespective of the production size of the brewery. Gpi also provides the luxury of on-site tank construction, which will only contribute to your satisfaction because you can directly supervise every step. They have a respectful name in the Dutch engineering industry. Regarding beer tanks, their clientele includes Haacht brewery, E & E & E&A Scheer, the Koningshoeven Brewery, PINTA, and so on.

This is to note that these are only a few suggestions and a sneak peek into the beer tank businesses inside and outside China. Companies should also carry out their research to make wise and up-to-date decisions.

5.0: What is the envisioned growth rate for the industry at hand?

Due to the exponential increase in globalization, an addition is seen in the cultures getting exchanged, and so do delicacies. It was not long when Americans started searching ‘tank 7 beer near me’’ on their systems when it is a Belgian delicacy. This example shows that exactly how fast the brewery industry is advancing. Whether a manufacturer, a supplier, wholesaler, or a retailer in this field, you must have mused over the growth of the beer tank industry.

Well, let us provide you with some knowledge of it. According to statistics, during the forecast period, the brewing equipment industry is amplified to market growth of 13.8% Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR). In the next five to seven years, the industry for brewery equipment as a whole is expected to boost up to 33.7 million dollars. From tank 7 beer near me to a variety of others, this projection caters to the beer tankard industry as a whole!

This boost shows that it will be characterized by an increase in the fermentation equipment (that is, mostly beer tanks) industry and is estimated to cover 60 percent of the market. Fermentation equipment, of course, includes beer tanks for every stage of brewing.

This arousal in the market has been estimated due to the rise in craft beer and increased investments by leading manufacturers in innovative techniques. Also, beer has become vastly popular among the millennial to the extent that, when playing Treasure Trails, the player is gifted a free beer tankard or. The availability of a quality beer stein in less time, with advancements in technology, also played a role in its popularity.

Moreover, several tank manufacturing industries in these modern times focus on research and development to develop new ideas for innovation and techniques to help the customers remain hooked up with their products. In return, this advancement in technological affairs has significantly increased beer quality in the minimum possible time duration. In short, the beer tankard industry is set to boom. Keep an eye out for more beer tanks for sale in the coming years.

6.0: Conclusion

Here at INOXCN, we provide superior quality Sanitary Beer Tanks. Having had over 15 years of experience in the Sanitary Beer Tanks industry as its manufacturers and suppliers, we know the ins and outs of this market like no other. In the end, our aim at INOXCN is to provide customer satisfaction. We prioritize our consumers before everything else. If you are a wholesaler, retailer, exporter, or manufacturer in China, then you should check us out. We promise not to disappoint. All you have to do is visit our site yourself and be awestruck at the most diverse yet effective and not defective quality products we provide.

Please place an order with us now, and see why our clientele consists of distinguished brands. Lastly, a friendly piece of advice we offer our customers is to always look at portfolios before placing orders. Past experiences play a crucial role in determining the worth and credibility of Sanitary Beer Tanks manufacturers. Order from us now, and be prepared for outstanding Sanitary Beer Tanks at reasonable prices.

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Sanitary Beer Tanks manufacturers from China!

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