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Horizontal Straight Tank

Large outdoor milk storage equipment commonly used by large and medium-sized dairy processing enterprises, also can be used in juice, pharmaceutical and chemical industries.

The direct-cooled milk tank is mainly used for cooling and storing fresh milk, and can also be used for cooling and storing other liquid materials. The direct-cooled milk tank designed and manufactured by our company with reference to and absorption of foreign advanced technology adopts advanced technology and equipment such as imported compressor and safety protection system, microcomputer control, imported amine ester integral foaming, honeycomb plate evaporator, etc. It is the most ideal cooling and storage equipment for pasture, dairy station, dairy factory, food factory, beverage factory and pharmaceutical industry.

The direct-cooled milk storage tank adopts edible stainless steel milk tank body, which adopts four major components such as imported Danfoss Meyura original compressor unit, automatic stirrer, electrical control, etc., and is equipped with CIP cleaning system. The direct-cooled milk storage tank runs well and has fast cooling speed. It is in line with the national requirements of green environmental protection, energy and water saving. The milk that enters the tank at 35 °C can be immediately cooled to 4 °C in about as little as 3 hours. This is favored by the users. It is a horizontal, oval, cylindrical, inside and outside of the two-layer composite structure, which is made of stainless steel, the tank is fully closed, adiabatic performance of strong atmospheric pressure container. The whole milk tank is because the shell, the inner liner, refrigeration evaporator, stirrer, manhole cover, thermometer, feeding port, ventilation holes, butterfly valve, escalator, refrigeration unit, CIP process port, CIP spray head and so on the composition, and in the shell and the inner liner is set up between the thermal insulation material with good performance, in the rated capacity of 24 hours, the milk temperature rise in the tank is within 2 ℃.

The electric control box can be installed on the side/near side of the tank for easy automatic control. The equipment and electrical control box of the milk tank are combined with each other and can be used to make automatic temperature control of the refrigeration system. The compressor has high pressure pressure fault protection, motor overload protection, if it encounters a fault, the circuit will automatically disconnect, alarm, the compressor will stop working, at this time, to check and eliminate the fault, in order to follow the reset button, continue to work. When the milk tank is to be pre-cooled, it is possible to turn it on manually. When the compressor stops working, if necessary, you can put the stirring switch to automatic, at this time, the stirrer will enter into adjustable intermittent rotation.

When the milk is stored for a long time, for example, when the milk temperature in the tank is higher than 6 ℃, the compressor will start by itself to refrigerate the milk until the milk temperature in the tank drops below 4 ℃, then it can stop automatically, thus can achieve the purpose of keeping cold.

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