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Automatic Large Hole Resin Adsorption Unit

Features of macroporous resin adsorption and separation unit

The adsorption technology uses a special adsorbent to selectively adsorb the active part of the decoction from the traditional Chinese medicine compound. It is a new process of separation and purification to remove invalid ingredients. It can solve the practical problems faced in the production of traditional Chinese medicine, such as large agent, product moisture absorption and heavy metal residues. The purified products obtained after the treatment with macroporous resin adsorption technology can be highly concentrated with few impurities, and the extraction rate is only as high as that of the raw materials. 2 to 5% of the drug, while the general boiling method is about 30%, and the alcohol sedimentation method is about 15%; can effectively remove moisture-absorbing components. It is beneficial to the production of various traditional Chinese medicine dosage forms and enhances the stability of products; it can effectively remove heavy metals. The extracts from the macroporous resin adsorption and separation process are small in volume, do not absorb moisture, and can be easily made into various dosage forms with beautiful appearance. The production of granules, capsules, tablets, etc., upgrades the coarse, large and black preparations of traditional Chinese medicine to modern preparations. This technology will be one of the technological advances that will have a great impact on the extraction process of traditional Chinese medicine.

The introduction of computerized automatic monitoring technology in the separation process will realize programmed production control, automatic testing, pipeline transportation, and improve the reliability and repeatability of equipment.

System components and features

(1) Automated control systems

The system realizes the control and data acquisition of pump, wide door and various online detectors (flow variable transmission, pressure variable transmission), which can easily complete the series and parallel operation of four columns to ensure the stability and accuracy of the process.

(2)Resin column structure

The well-designed structure of the resin column, reasonable high diameter ratio, precise inlet and outlet fluid distribution device, equipped with automatic filling system and air compressed air interface, ensure the filling effect of large hole resin column and filling effect, to provide a guarantee for the separation.

Automatic control system

Based on the advanced DCS distributed control strategy written workstation, to achieve control and data acquisition of pumps, valves and various online detectors, can easily complete the multi-column series, parallel operation to ensure the stability and accuracy of the process.

Chinese medicine special online detection system (optional)

It includes the detection of common process parameters such as meteor, pressure, temperature, pH (option), conductivity (option), etc. and the real-time detection of active ingredients in traditional Chinese medicine by UV spectroscopy (option) and NIR spectroscopy (option).

Series control interface

Operating parameters interface

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