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CIP Cleaning System

Product Features

1. The operation cost of the cip clean system is lower, tight structure with small space, it is installed easily and easy maintenance, so it is well to clean vessel and pipes, all the clean under fully sealing, so it can avoid second pollution.

2. The system can divide into four lines base on the need of production is. Especially for two lines or more than two lines, it can partition and cleaning with one or more than two areas, also can produce meanwhile can clean in the production process. So when production is greatly shorten the cleaning time of CIP.

3. Adopt American pneumatic diaphragm pump to suck strong acid strong alkali, not only improve equipment intact rate and reduces the repair rate, more important is to reduce the operation cost。

4. The cip system can check, add liquid, discharge,show and adjust automatically, it is fully automatically, easy operation, clean well so it is widely used in modern medicine factory and food industry

5. Automatic switching of the process parameters, the automatic adjustment of the cleaning time, ph, temperature and other parameters.

6. All the operations can be recorded, for gmp certification.

7. Cip cleaning system with a single tank double tank and multi tank for the user to choose, there are mobile and stationary.


CIP clean system is widely used in juice, milk, jam wine industry, it is can clean the machine in place by high temperature solvent. CIP means cleaning in place, it is not open or mobile device, which uses high temperature, high concentration of cleaning liquid on equipment with strong effect to wash out the material contact surface. It is suitable for cleaning requirements more stringent production equipment of health level, purification.

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