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Cooking Ball


Steaming ball is the main production equipment of pharmaceutical industry, paper making enterprises, food enterprises in the process of liquid, pulp, food steaming.

Steaming ball An frequency speed regulation, with electric hydraulic block brake, stable and reliable work, PLC control. The equipment has the characteristics of simple structure and convenient operation. It meets the requirements of food hygiene and pharmaceutical hygiene.

Structural features and working principle

The cooking ball belongs to the rotating, intermittent cooking device, is composed of the sphere, the base, the transmission system three parts.

The sphere is composed of inner liner thermal insulation square steel, thermal insulation skin and accessories: inner liner is a spherical thin-walled pressure vessel welded with 304 stainless steel plate, open manhole and sewage outlet in the top of its vertical center line; in the horizontal center line, both ends of the ball have a hollow shaft connected to the sphere, shaft neck support in two half-open bearing, bearing fixed in the carbon steel welded support, support with spiral fixed on the base. One end of the hollow shaft can be fed into the steam, water and discharge material, and the outer tube of the ball is equipped with check valve, safety valve, pressure gauge and stop valve in sequence, the check valve is installed near the position of the ball to avoid high pressure in the ball when the material back to the main steam pipe, the discharge pipe is connected to the shaft neck, the discharge pipe extends in the ball along the wall of the ball to the ball directly under the wall of 50mm, the ball and the discharge valve are connected outside the ball. The temperature inside the cooking ball. The ball wall is equipped with a copy plate and strainer.

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