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Forced Circulating Evaporator

Product Features

1. The structure of whole system design is reasonable and beautiful, stable operation, high efficiency and energy saving, low steam consumption.

2. Concentration ratio, forced circulation type, so that the viscosity liquid can be easily flow and evaporated. And it is evaporated during short time.

3. Special design through simple operation can be realized, can be used for production of different products.

4. Low evaporation temperature, heat is fully utilized, the liquid can be heated and concentrated warmly, it is suitable for heat sensitive materials.

5. The evaporator is heated by the forced circulation pump, so its heat evenly in the tube, the heat transfer coefficient is good which can prevent the “wall” phenomenon;

6. The liquid enters the separator to separate, to strengthen the separation effect, make the whole device has a wide operating range;

7. The complete set of equipment has the advantages of compact structure, small occupation area, simple and smooth layout, it shows the trend of big type of full evaporating device.

8. Continuous feeding and discharging, liquid level and the required concentration can be controlled by automatically.


Forced circulation evaporator is suitable for scaling, crystal, thermal sensitivity (low temperature), high density, high viscosity raw material, and the evaporation water insoluble solids such as chemical, food, pharmaceutical, environmental protection engineering, waste water evaporation recycling industry.

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