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Horizontal Spiral Drum Washing Machine


This equipment is suitable for cleaning donkeys, pigs, cattle and other types of leather in water. The machine is mainly composed of frame, drum, supporting rollers, transmission parts, heater, water tank, control cabinet, etc. The transmission is belt-driven and frequency-controlled with electromagnetic brake for smooth and reliable operation, and PLC-controlled equipment for automatic control and automatic operation.

The roller is made of welded stainless steel and mounted on four pallets, which is driven by a motor to rotate the roller during work. The main material is made of stainless steel 304, which is in line with food hygiene and has the features of stable transmission and large production capacity.

Product Performance

The operation of the drum adopts automatic control mode, which can realize the operation functions of forward and reverse operation, low-speed start, timed positioning and parking. Loading rate can reach more than 75%, very little water consumption, moderate mechanical action, the liquid surface in the drum can reach the drum diameter 3/4 above, and the skin liquid in the drum body rotating in a ∞-shaped as a secondary movement, can reduce the cracked surface, loose surface and other quality defects, the operation is very convenient, the reverse movement can be automatically out of the skin, to ensure that the skin is not twisted, not blocked.

Now the horizontal spiral drum washing machine manufactured by our company has been approved by many famous gum manufacturing companies in China, such as: Shandong Dongagang Colla Corii Asini Co.

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