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JC Alcohol Precipitation Tubes


This equipment is suitable for the alcohol precipitation of traditional Chinese medicine, oral liquid, food, health products, chemical industry, etc. The alcohol precipitation tank is special equipment developed by the old process of alcohol precipitation (also called alcohol solubilization or alcohol rod), mainly used for the operation of alcohol precipitation by freezing and filling temperature after the concentration of decoction of traditional Chinese medicine, and also used for the operation of water precipitation after the extraction of concentrated liquid of traditional Chinese medicine.

Equipment Features

The device is assembled by the elliptical head with jacket, the cylinder with conical bottom, the three-leaf stirrer and the special fine-tuned spinning liquid tube. The device is assembled from the cylinder with conical bottom, three-leaf stirrer and special fine-tuning spinning liquid tube, etc. Decoction and concentration of traditional Chinese medicine is made by adding alcohol to make alcoholic liquid, and then freezing and settling at low temperature for liquid-solid separation to improve the purity and clarity of Chinese medicine extract. The equipment is made of stainless steel SUS304, equipped with high-pressure water spraying cleaning system automatically, low temperature cooling water can be passed in the jacket, mechanical seal is used for transmission parts, explosion-proof motor to ensure production safety, in line with GMP pharmaceutical standards, the surface of the equipment mirror or matte treatment.

Main Technical Parameters

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