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JS Series Alcohol Recycle Tower


The device is suitable for alcohol recovery in pharmacy, food, light industry, chemical industry and etc., with the aim to reduce production cost and enhance economic benefit. The device can distill the thin alcohol of 30-50% to 90-95%. If the requirements to the finished alcohol strength is high, the reflux ratio can be made higher, but the output of finished products will be correspondingly reduced. The alcohol content of discharged residual liquid is less than or equal to 0.1%. It is a device specially for alcohol recovery.

The rectification tower is a kind of tower type gas-liquid contacting device for carrying out rectification. According to different operation modes, the products can be classified into continuous rectification tower and intermittent rectification tower. The heating methods of the distilling kettle include external circulation type and internal circulation type for selection.

The device adopts high-efficiency stainless steel corrugated filler. The parts that contact alcohol, such as tower body, condenser, pressure stabilizer tank, cooling coil and etc. are all made of stainless steel, to ensure that the finished alcohol is free of pollution. The tower kettle adopts dismountable U type pipe, so as to facilitate the cleaning of the external heating wall and internal wall of distilling kettle.

The equipment can adopt two forms such as external heating JHW or internal heating JHN. The external heating has rapid evaporating speed, which is more suitable for the structure above JH-800, and can be used to recover alcohol and concentrate liquid materials together.

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