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Mixing pot and reactor Series

Product Features

1.FEG reactor tank is one of normal use reactor equipments in pharmaceutical and chemical fields. at certain temperature and pressure, through agitator mixes two kinds of volumes certain (or many kinds of)liquids, solids or liquids, promotes its chemical reaction, usuaIIY with thermal heat effect, Inputs required heat energy by heat exchanging device or shifts forming heat energy.

2.Type of agitation more uses anchor or frame type which ensures equal and even mixture in short time.

3.Speed of agitation more matches frequency conversion with temperature of display and control


It is the reaction kettle for such substances as protein, fat, amino acid, peptide, sugar and etc. to produce the substances full of strong and intense fragrance of cooked meat after thermal reaction under high temperature. It is a special device for producing substances full of fragrance of cooked meat. It can be used for other reaction or used as a small preparation tank. The equipment has its special blender, and is provided with condenser for heating and reflux. The jacket can be connected with steam for heating, and with cooling water for quick cooling. Heat preservation layer is provided outside.

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