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Multi-effect Falling Film Evaporator

Product Features

1. The principle of film falling evaporator, the liquid from up parts flow to down parts in pipe, the liquid can be distributed uniformly, and it flow from up parts to down parts by gravity and vacuum, it will be sticky during evaporation, and you can get the concentrated liquid at the bottom , the falling film evaporator can evaporate the high density and viscosity(scope from 0.05-0.45ns/m2) material

2. The solution flows like film in the single type evaporator, so the heat transfer coefficient is high

3. The liquid in the pipe flow very quickly, so it can not be metamorphosis easily, suitable for sensitive product.

4. The retention volume of liquid is small, the falling film evaporator can adopt fast operation, according to changes of energy supplying, vacuum degree, quantity of material feeding, density.

5. Due to fluid flows only under gravity, not pushed by temperature difference, the evaporation can be operated in the low temperature.

6. Falling film evaporator is suitable for foaming material, the liquid can be evaporated in the heating tube like film, forming separation of liquid and vapor. Meanwhile, at the bottom, most liquid will be pumped away, only leaving small part of liquid and the second steam to separating chamber for separation. The liquid doesn’t make the big hit in the process, avoiding the formation of foam


Widely used in pharmaceutical, food, chemical, light industry and other industries, water or organic solvent solution evaporation concentration, and can be widely used in the above industry waste liquid treatment. Especially suitable for heat-sensitive materials, the equipment operates continuously under vacuum and low temperature conditions, with high evaporation capacity, energy saving and consumption reduction, low operating costs, and can ensure the invariance of materials in the evaporation process. The equipment from single-effect to five-effect, production capacity from 1 ton to 10 tons, customers according to material characteristics and production modeling.

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