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MVR Evaporator

Product Features

1. Low energy consumption, low operation expense; when starting, the equipment only needs a little steam, it almost doesn’t need steam when normal working.

2. It does not need cooling system and related machines, it can save 90% of cooling water. The occupation scale of equipment is small and the space is also small, compared with multi-function evaporator, MVR only needs 50% occupation scale.

3. Steady operation, high automation, MVR only needs a few operator for normal working.

4. Use clean source without any pollution; MVR adopts industrial power, no need steam boiler, no discharging of CO2 and SO2.

5. High safety, MVR doesn’t belong to pressure vessels,the worker doesnt need the certification to operate.

6. Widely using scopes, MVR can apply to all fields of normal evaporators use, especial for the low temperature increasing of boiling point and heat-sensitive material.

7. The system equips with CIP cleaning tubes, it can wash in site. The operation of the whole equipment is very convenient without any dead corner.


MVR is short for mechnical vapor recompression technology. MVR is an energy saving technology to re-use the second effect steam produced itself as source, then reduce the requirement of outside source. When in early 1960, Germany and France have adopted this technology . In the system of MVR evaporating, use the second effect steam compressed by compressor, pressure, temperature and enthalpy increase, then the steam is transmitted to heater as heating steam, keep the material liquid of system in boiling state, the heating steam changes to condensate water. So the steam that shall be abandoned is full of use, recycle the potential heat, enhance the heat efficiency, the economy of MVR steam is 30times than multi-effect evaporation, reduce the outside source requirement of heating and cooling, saving energy and reduce pollution.

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