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RH Hot Reflux Extraction and Concentration Equipment

This equipment is suitable for plant herbs, Chinese herbal medicine, animal medicine, food additives, etc. It is used for the extraction and concentration of water, ethanol, methanol, acetone and other organic solvents. It is used for the extraction of water, ethanol, methanol, acetone, etc. and the recovery and concentration of organic solvents.

RH Hot Reflux Extraction and Concentration Equipment Features
1、The ointment yield is 10-15% higher than that of multi-functional extraction tank, and the active ingredients in ointment are more than 1 times higher. Because the hot solvent is continuously added to the surface of the medicine during the extraction process, passing through the medicine layer from top to bottom at high speed to dissolve the solutes in the medicine, the solute content in the medicine and the solute content in the solvent maintain a high gradient, and the solutes in the medicine are dissolved at high speed until they are completely dissolved, the extraction yield of active ingredients is high, and the concentration is completed in a set of sealed equipment, so the loss is small and the conversion rate is high, so the yield of ointment is high and the content of active ingredients in ointment is high.

2、Because the solute is dissolved at high speed, the extraction time is short, concentration and extraction are carried out simultaneously, so it takes only 7-8 hours to concentrate the ointment from raw materials to ointment, so the equipment utilization rate is high.

3、Single device, occupies an area of small, high utilization of equipment, so investment.

4, extraction only once add solvent, in a set of sealed equipment recycling, the solvent in the dregs can basically be recovered, so the amount of solvent than more than 30% less than the extraction tank, consumption rate can be reduced by 50-70%, which paves the way for the use of organic solvents to extract, purify the active ingredients in Chinese medicine.

5、Because the secondary steam of concentration as the heat source of extraction, the extraction liquid pumped into the concentrator is at the same temperature as concentration, which can save medicine more than 50% of the steam, the operation is very simple, reducing the number of operators.

Working principle
The herbs are put into an extraction flare with 5-10 times the force of the solvent such as water, ethanol, methanol, acetone, etc. (according to the process requirements). The extraction liquid is heated to boiling for 20~30 minutes, and then 1/3 of the extraction liquid is removed by a filtration tube. The extracted liquid is pumped into the concentrator. Close the extraction tank straight and jacketed steam, open the heater valve to concentrate the liquid, the concentration of secondary steam, through the evaporator The rising tube is fed into the extraction tank as the heat source and solution for extraction, maintaining the boiling of the extraction tank.

The secondary steam continues to rise and condenses into hot condensate through the condenser, which falls back to the extraction tank as a new solvent and is added to the drug surface. High speed from top to bottom through the layer of herbs to the bottom of the extraction tank, the soluble active ingredients in the herbs dissolved in the extraction tank solvent. The extracted liquid is pumped through the filtration tube into the thickener, and the secondary steam from the thickening is sent to the extraction tank as a heat source and new solvent. Solvent large reflux extraction, so the density of solutes in the medicinal herbs and the density of solutes contained in the solvent maintain a high gradient, and the solutes in the medicinal herbs are dissolved at high speed. Until completely dissolved (the extraction solution is colorless), at this time, the extraction solution stopped pumping into the concentrator, the concentrated secondary steam is transferred to the cooler, concentration Continue until it is concentrated to the desired specific gravity (1.2 to 1.34) of the ointment, released for use, and the colorless liquid in the extraction tank is extracted. Can be put into storage tank for the next batch, the dregs from the dregs door drain off, if using organic solvent extraction, add the appropriate amount of water, open the straight and Jacket the steam, recover the solvent, and drain the slag.

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