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SJM Falling Film Evaporation Concentrator Series

The company extensively combines the strengths of imported concentration equipment and other industrial concentration equipment, and combines the characteristics of the material, design and development of a series of SJM type three-effect (double-effect, single-effect) falling film continuous feed concentrator. The features of this equipment are as follows.

1、Continuous feeding and discharging, stable system and convenient operation. When this series of equipment is working, it is only necessary to adjust the parameters at the beginning of feeding to ensure the continuous and stable supply of materials and adjust the Convenient, continuous and stable concentration to meet the requirements of qualified specific gravity and recovery of solvent at the same time.

2、Concentration ratio is significant (up to 1.25-1.28), high thermal efficiency and remarkable energy saving. In the structure of the system, we adopt the optimized design scheme, so that the evaporative heat transfer coefficient reaches 3400-3800w(m2K). The main reason for this is the rapid flow of the material as a film in the heated tube and the simultaneous heating of the water, which is very suitable and advantageous for the concentration of the material. Temperature difference is small (only 8-10 ℃), evaporation temperature is low, the material can form rapid flash evaporation after entering the evaporator. Short residence and heating time in the heating tube, wide range of adaptability to the viscosity of the material (50-500cp), uniform heating is not easy. Crystallization precipitation and coking, small amount of damage to the effective ingredients, full use of heat energy, energy saving effect is remarkable.

3、Facilitate the adoption of advanced control methods. As the process of SJM series concentration mainly takes the temperature of each effect as the control parameter, the parameters are stable during system operation, which is convenient for adopting advanced control methods. (PLC and HMI control), and the relatively low cost of control equipment, for fully automated production control has Greater convenience.

4、The structure design is advanced and reasonable. In the structure, we use the optimization of the design scheme, the feed liquid distribution and the flow in the tube we use advanced liquid Distribution device, so that the material can evenly enter the heating tube, at the same time, the import of the inner wall of the mirror tube for the heating tube, so that the material in the pipe The flow resistance of the system is small and fast, and it is not easy to separate out the fouling. In order to improve the concentration yield, the system is equipped with advanced mist trap, eliminating the mist entrainment ability, the separation efficiency can reach 96-90%. 99% and low resistance drop.

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