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SJN Double Effect Energy-Saving Concentrator

Scope of application

It is suitable for the low temperature vacuum concentration of heat-sensitive materials, especially for the concentration of aqueous solutions of traditional Chinese medicine, western medicine, starch sugar and so on.

Working Principle
Through the heat pump will be an effective secondary steam compression and then provided to an effective heating, thereby saving a lot of steam consumption and reducing production costs.

Equipment Composition
One-effect heater, one-effect evaporation chamber, heat pump, two-effect heater, two-effect evaporation chamber, condenser, receiving liquid tank, one set of valves for fittings in the system.

Technical Parameters
1、Extracting tank capacity: 1m3、 2m3, 3m3, 6m3

2、Concentrator volume: 0.5m3, 1m3, 1.5m3, 2.5m3

3、Water extraction temperature: 90~100℃.

4、Temperature of alcohol extraction: 78~83℃.

5、Extraction time: 4~5 hours/batch

6、Vacuum degree:0.05~0.08MPa

7、Using pressure:0.08~0.2M

Main Technical Parameters

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