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SJN2 Series Dual-effect Concentrator

Product Features

1. The equipment is outside heated by natural cycle and it also is concentrated under vacuum. Flat-bottomed evaporation technology, the height of operation can be greatly reduced the concentration proportion can be more than 1.2, compared with the traditional structure of the evaporator, the evaporation efficiency can be increased by about 15%.

2. The liquid can be concentrated under vacuum of fully closed condition, non-polluting materials, drug saucignon, uniform gypsum and ensure solvent recovery rate of 95%, while compared with the original tube, the diameter of the tube is bigger, but the vacuum concentrated temperature does not increase, etc.

3. With the evaporation of double-efficient coinstantaneous evaporation, the steam can be used sufficiently, so it can save the energy consumption. And compare with the single-efficient concentrator, the energy can be saved more than 40%.

4. The top of heater is installed with opening device so it is easy to clean. The equipment has automatic drainage system in order to lighten the labor intensity.

5. The equipment configure with PLC control system in order to control the temperature, pressure, feeding and discharging the material automatically.

Technology parameter

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