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SJN3 Series Three-Effect Energy-Saving Concentrator (Can Recover Alcohol)

Scope of application

This concentrator is suitable for the concentration of liquid materials such as traditional Chinese medicine, western medicine, glucose, starch, monosodium glutamate, food, chemicals, etc. It is especially suitable for low temperature vacuum concentration of heat-sensitive materials.

Equipment Features
1, the concentrator in strict accordance with the design, manufacture and inspection of the “external heating Chinese traditional Chinese medicine three-effect evaporator” (GB155773-1995), and in line with the Ministry of Health, drug production quality management specification (GMP) of the relevant provisions of the equipment requirements, the parts in contact with the material are made of SUS304 or SUS316L stainless steel.

2、The heating chamber tubes, condenser tubes and intermediate connection pipes all adopt ISO standard internal and external polishing treatment mirror surface tubes to ensure the smooth flow of materials, no blockage, no coking and blockage in the heating chamber, reduce scaling and cleaning times, and improve production efficiency.

3、The surface of each heating chamber and evaporation chamber are rounded transition, no dead corners, welded seams are polished, and the surface is polished to Ra≤0.4um. Especially the evaporation room material inlet opening position and orientation after strict calculation, guarantee evaporation cycle material centrifugal rotation cut into the evaporation room. Spiral spiral down along the surface of the evaporation chamber, not gravity settlement, thus ensuring the improvement of evaporation capacity.

4、The concentrator adopts external heating natural circulation and negative pressure evaporation mode, with fast evaporation speed, large concentration ratio and closed cream collection.

5、This concentrator adopts triple-effect evaporation at the same time, and the secondary steam is used repeatedly, which not only saves the investment of boiler, but also saves the energy consumption, which reduces the energy consumption by 70% compared with other concentrators, and the whole investment of this concentrator can be recovered from the energy-saving fee in less than a year (compared with single-effect).

Main Technical Parameters

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