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SLG Percolation Tank

This equipment is suitable for percolation operation in Chinese medicine, food, chemical and other industries.

Working principle
Dripping is a method of extracting herbs by continuously adding extracting capacitor to the coarse powder of herbs to make the dripping tank flow out from the lower outlet of the extracting liquid. When percolation capacitor penetrates into the cells of herbs to dissolve a large number of soluble substances, the concentration increases, the density increases after moving downward, the upper layer of the Leaching capacitor or dilute leaching solution to replace the position, resulting in a good concentration difference, so that the diffusion is better natural, so the leaching effect is better than the impregnation method. The extraction is also more complete.

Structural characteristics
This equipment is mainly composed of tank, spray pipe, pneumatic slag door and other components. It has the characteristics of uniform solvent distribution and convenient slagging.

Main technical parameters

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