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I help you resolve any issues related to the design project, redevelopment, finishing works, materials, and furniture.

Design project

As long as the project is identified, there will be a professional and technical personnel to formally take over and participate in the project.There are also regular meetings between engineering managers, account managers, and engineering design experts to understand every detail of the project and ultimately come up with a solution to get a set of documents.The documents are audited and then used for manufacturing and site construction.

Set and interior

Our company has professional engineering equipment experts, can provide customers with appropriate equipment configuration scheme.In order to ensure the normal operation of the production, the maintenance and spare parts will be provided by our company to maintain the running status of the equipment.At the same time we have a strong technical service team, can meet the customer’s various emergency maintenance.


Our company has a spare parts warehouse with intelligent management, which can easily and quickly find out the products required by customers, and we have a large number of various types of equipment in stock for years to meet the needs of customers.


Our company in the production of the moment, there will be a special person to supervise the work, to ensure the completion of each process.In our eyes, quality and integrity will always be the first.So there is no need to worry about the quality of our products.Our supervision will continue until the product is shipped to you.

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